Managed it services


We provide our customers with 24/7 year-round remote monitoring and support. We audit and manage customer’s IT infrastructure including workstations, servers, printers, copiers, firewalls, switches and routers. Through remote monitoring, we can collect, store, and analyze data stored in customer’s various software applications. When customers come across issues with their devices, our technicians can provide real time support by remotely controlling their workstations, servers and network devices and performing trouble shooting. We outsource our software and services to customers whenever they need. Technology is constantly changing and we do our best to keep up with it by updating software patches and hotfixing workstations, servers and switches. In the big data era where data is both big and important, we come in to help our customers by accurately monitoring data in real time, storing it and backing up.

​Network Infrastructure and Asset Audit

To ensure the compliance with laws and regulations, customers come to us for network infrastructure audit. We perform audit on customers’ internal control systems and assess if there are weaknesses which may increase risk and adversely affect security. Our work in this area helps customers conform to requirements by laws and regulations and also strengthen their security profile.   ​​Process Automation In addition, we provide process automation services. We assess customers’ IT environment and look into their IT processes. We analyze the areas which are prone to manual errors and can better be automated. By doing this, we help customers improve operating efficiency and this can lead to huge savings by shortening time spent on processes and lowering the amount of errors made. Some common areas that we automate for customers are production process and automatic updates of incoming and outgoing inventory. Customers benefit from having these automated as more human resources can be utilized in core business, reliability of services get improved and human errors are eliminated.

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