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 data services

Data and Disaster Recovery

In today's competitive business environment, companies need to capitalize on any edge they can get, and preventing the loss of data is more important than ever. Taking into account the considerable cost of web, software and server application design, lost data is expensive and time-consuming for any business to recover from, if they are able to at all. A good backup and recovery solution is necessary to prevent the loss of exorbitant amounts of revenue and man-hours. Stallpost offers a full range of Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions that are customizable to the needs of your business.
​Document Management and Collaboration​

​The volume of paper kept by a business can be overwhelming. As the avalanche of documents and files pile up, finding a specific piece of information becomes time-consuming and almost impossible. Even in this age of technological advancements, storing information for some organizations often consist of manually filing documents and using up space or renting warehouses to store them. With business becoming increasingly global, it is critical to have seamless access to important documents on an instantaneous basis. Stallpost offer Document Management services to provide easier access to information through a searchable electronic database, as well as digital authentication of signatures. Features such as Scan and Easy-Find make it easy for everyone in the organization to find what they need.