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cloud services 

Cloud Services 

Cloud Services are a way to add capabilities and increase capacity on the fly without the high cost associated with licensing new software, investing in new infrastructure, and training new employees. Stallpost energizes your business with a more robust and accessible data infrastructure at a much lower cost.

By using our Cloud Service, you will benefit:

·      Decreased Cost – No need for traditional licensure

·      Investing in a new, better infrastructure

·      Avoid high cost of up-front monthly payments

·      Flexibility – ability to adjust services to fit client needs​

​·      Accessible from anywhere with Internet connection  ​

​VoIP Telephony

​ Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provides the functionality of a traditional phone system at a fraction of the cost. Stallpost provides state-of-the-art VoIP phone systems which deliver traditional local and long distance calling at a significantly reduced price, significantly more robust features such as follow-me, simultaneous ringing, call groups, call coaching, call recording for training purposes, call rescue and hundreds of additional calling features without additional costs. 

​By using our VoIP Telephony, you will benefit:

​·        Advanced features: Online call monitoring and phone system access improves communication capabilities.

·        Flexibility: VoIP allows staff to call directly from mobile phones.

·        Easier tracking: The entire system can be managed from a computer. 

Server Virtualization

​ Virtualization occurs when a server is partitioned from one physical server into several others. Each virtual machine can interact independently with other devices,applications, data and users as though it were a separate physical source.

By using our server virtualization service, you will benefit:

·        Go Green: You save so much money on power and cooling costs.

·        Reduced Space: No worrying about clutter from networking gear and racks. Now you can use your space for other needs.​

·        Faster server provisioning: Provide your business units with near instant-on capacity.